What's Committed Japan?


The biginning
Committed Japan started in July of 1995 after the disastrous Hanshin earthquake. One of Calvary Chapel's branches, in La Habra, California, and Committed Japan gathered Gospel musicians from America as well as Japan, and conducted a charity concert titled, "Gospel Fest '95/Don't forget Kobe". Our attempt was to provide the city of Kobe with donations to rebuild the city, but also to provide the people of Kobe with the hope that the Gospel, the Good News, possesses. It had much success and as the people of Kobe and the city were so fond of the concert, we have been doing it annually ever since.

After these events, we have moved our headquarters to Choufu, Tokyo, in a place we named the Kick Back Cafe. This place serves as a place for our House of Praise, a place for counseling, as well as many other functions, including as a cafe.

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1.We are devoted to clarifying the difference
between believing in Christianity and the Bible

Even though we believe that the Bible is the Word of God, we do not believe that the Bible is the "Word of Christianity". To rephrase that, we believe the Gospel that the Bible simply states, but we do not believe in the religion of Christianity.
We understand that we need a better explanation than this. That is exactly what we want to clarify and explain to anyone who is curious; the difference between believing in a religion and believing in the Bible.

2.Give the public an opportunity to comprehensively learn the Bible
"in their own tongue"

One of our most important duties as Committed Japan is to teach the Bible systematically and comprehensively in a language that anyone could understand. Unfortunately the Bible has a lot of aspects where it makes it hard to understand. There are cultural and lingual differences as well as the obvious difference in the life styles of the Biblical times and those of today. These differences cause the common sense and the ethnicity to be remarkably different. This inevitably results in all sorts of misconceptions.
Our difficulty in comprehending the Bible does not end here. There are people standing in front of train stations yelling Christian slogans while some ladies pass out Christian books. If you look at history, the imperialism movement was motivated by Christian authorities. Nowadays, along with the word "Christianity" comes the assumption of it being part of the Western culture. These examples and much more alike have created misunderstandings and stereotypes of Christianity that are abundant throughout the international society.
We want to try to eliminate them as much as possible and also try not adhere to the Christian traditions that often bound people, but concentrate on the essence that lie beneath those traditions. We believe that this is vital in learning the Bible in the correct way. Therefore we have two worship services a week, on Wednesday nights and on Sunday mornings, to give an opportunity to learn the truth written in the Bible. We want everyone to have fun, relax and enjoy, smelling the coffee, listening to music all the while cruising the world of the Bible.

3.We live the Bible

We believe that the essence of the Bible is not only to understand it as knowledge, but to see that it tells us to live it. As Jesus himself said; "I have shown you an example", we intend to look to him as an example and to follow after his footsteps. This means to contemplate what Jesus said, apply it to our lives and to change from within. This application into our daily lives is a very important goal when it comes to reading the Bible because it enables us to work for Jesus effortlessly and in our own unique ways.


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