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Marre Ishii -----"Marre"

In his teens, Marré started the first free school of Japan-an alternative to traditional Japanese education that caters to at-risk youth. He became an activist and a pioneer in the free school movement that counters the uniformity of Japanese traditional educational system.

At the age of 20, following the death of his girlfriend, Marré embraced the message of the gospel. He traveled to the US, where he was baptized. On his return to his mother land, he served as a music director, led a church choir and resumed his music activities.

In 1991, he released his first major album from a Polydor-related label. His song, "Pool of Siloam," was chosen as one of the top ten Valentine's Day special dedication songs.

In 94, he went back to America to serve as an intern under pastor Lance Cook at Calvary Chapel La where he was ordained as a pastor.

In 1995, in order to support the victims of the Kobe earthquake, Marré, with his fiance(now his wife Kumiko), held a charity concert which he called, "Gospel Fest." This festival used the unique power of music to reach out to the people of Japan, and formed the foundation of what eventually became "Committed Japan," the faith community where Marré now serves as pastor.

In 1998, Marre & Kumiko started a multi-dimensional venue called "Kick Back Cafe."In 2000,Marre authored his first book, Is This Really the Person for Me?, which became a best seller. With over 170,000 copies sold, it remains one of the more popular books in its field.

Currently, in addition to being a pastor and leads worship services at Kick Back Cafe, he leads the music group called Heavenese, writes books, provides marital counseling, and performs seminars. His seminar,"The Difference Between Men and Women, The Psychology of Relationships" has received acclaim.


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